1. I am currently earning a good salary in a reputed medical transcription company. Why do you think I should quit my MT profession and start all over in scribing profession as a trainee?

Medical scribing is projected as the future of medical transcription. Hence, you should jump the bandwagon as early as possible to establish yourself in the upcoming medical scribing industry.

2. Can you please provide the start dates and details of your medical scribing program?

Please visit "careers" page on our website and look for "Trainee Medical Scribe" role. If you do not find these vacancies displayed, then it means that we do not have any vacancies. Having said that, Please follow our company’s page on Facebook or on Linkedin for updates about start date and venue of new training batch.



Please download the generic training brochure here download training brochure

3. I have several years of experience in MT as QA/Editor/MLS, etc. Can I directly work as a medical scribe without getting enrolled in the training program of ScribeEMR?

We understand and appreciate that you have several years of experience in MT. However, to start working as a medical scribe, you must complete the 3-month training program. After successful completion of training and promotion to medical scribe, you will be able to work independently with the US Physician.

4. Do you offer online training for trainee medical scribe phase?

Occasionally, we do offer online training batches, and they are limited in number as most of our training batches are now based out of our offices in Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, and Mohali.

What are the challenges of working as a medical scribe?

  • YYou must work only in the night shift.
  • Your breaks will be aligned to that of the Physician’s breaks. However, you can use the relief scribe in some cases.
  • YYour salary is fixed in the sense that you cannot increase your monthly earnings by transcribing/editing more.

6. I am interested in being a part of your organization and would like to join as a Trainee Medical Scribe. How do I apply?

Please visit careers page on our website and apply for the role of "Trainee Medical Scribe." DO NOT send your resume via email as they will be ignored.

7. What is the selection process to become a Trainee Medical Scribe?

When a candidate applies on the website, after filling in the basic details, educational detail, prior experience, and referrals, now they must fill out a questionnaire containing 15 questions. The candidate who gets shortlisted based on this questionnaire will receive a call from the recruiter. The shortlisted candidates will be scheduled for the screening test. The screening test comprises of various sections including grammar/writing/proofreading exercises followed by the audio summarization. Post-clearing the screening test, the candidate is scheduled for the final round of interview with the MS trainer in the presence of respective recruiter.

8. Can I take up the screening test online?

Candidates from Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, and Chandigarh/Mohali are expected to take tests at our offices. Aspirants from other cities can take tests online; however, most of our training batches from now on are now going to be conducted from our office premises although there could be occasional online training batches.

9. Can the interview happen over a phone call, or should I attend the interview in person?

Yes, we can conduct a telephonic/skype/MS Teams interview for candidates who are not from Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, or Mohali. For aspirants from these 4 cities, you need to come to the office for an in-person interview.

10. What are the documents required for the evaluation process?

We need a copy of your updated resume before you attempt your screening test. You shall be informed of other required documents once you are selected as a Trainee Medical Scribe.

11. Are you currently recruiting experienced medical transcription professional to be trained as Trainee Medical Scribe? If yes, when will the batch start?

Please look out for "Trainee Medical Scribe" role on "careers" page on our website. If you find a vacancy, then apply through our website and please do not send resume via email.

Please follow our company’s page on Facebook or on Linkedin for updates about start date and venue of new training batch.



You can apply ONLY when the trainee vacancies are published on our website. Please DO NOT send your resume via email, which shall be ignored.

12. For MTs, is graduation/degree must to apply for “Trainee medical scribe” designation?

Yes, experienced medical transcriptionists (preferably life science background with a minimum of 5 years of MT experience. We need a person who is good in English, both written and spoken, with good medical knowledge.

13. Do you charge fees for Trainee Medical Scribes?

No, we do not charge any fees for training. Instead, we pay salary as per the job description document. However, to safeguard the interest of the company, we collect an undated cheque of Rs. 1 lakh as a security deposit. If a candidate quits the company within 18 months' duration after getting promoted as a medical scribe (Clinical Documentation Specialist 1 or HCDS1 designation), then the trainee is bound to pay the amount mentioned in the cheque to the company to reimburse training cost and salary paid to the trainee during the training.

14. How much salary will I earn once I get promoted as medical scribes?

Please refer to the JD (job description) document under “careers” page of our website which gives you breakup of remuneration of all scribing designations. If you cannot find it, then please reach out to the HR team member that you are interacting with to get these details.

15. What are the details of the training program?

Please find the attached generic write-up for the medical scribing training program

Generic PDF This is applicable for all the 4 locations i.e. Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Mohali and Hyderabad..

16. I have completed my basic medical scribe training from a medical scribing training institute but i have never worked as a live scribe and neither I have exposure to scribing shadow shifts. Am I eligible for experienced medical scribe designation?

We do understand that you have completed your basic medical scribe training; however, without the exposure of live scribing or shadow shifts we would not be able to consider you for an experienced medical scribe designation. You have to get enrolled in our Medical Scribing Training Program to kick start your career in Medical scribing with us.