1. I am already earning a handsome salary in my current company. Why should I quit my current company and join your company?

  • Stability is an important factor to be considered. We have our own sales and implementation office based out of Boston. We are not tied up with another organization for technology or business and hence we are not at the mercy of another company who will decide the amount of profit to be shared with us.
  • We have a history of revolutionizing the pay structure in medical transcription when all our competitors were paying very less salary.
  • We foresee a fast growth of the company. Earlier you join the profession, higher are the chances of you growing to higher levels in the hierarchy.
  • Last but not the least, compare your current earnings with what we have to offer.

2. I am already a manager or a trainer in my organization. Will you offer an equivalent designation if I join your organization?

Sure, we will accommodate you in an equivalent designation if we have equivalent designation. However, as a matter of policy, we prefer to groom and promote people from within the organization.

3. I am already a medical scribe. Why do I have to go undergo any screening process?

It is our company policy to evaluate the skillsets of a potential employee before hiring.

4. What are the documents that I need to submit as a part of evaluation process?

You will need to submit a scanned copy of your

  • Appointment letter
  • Latest appraisal letter
  • Last 3 months’ salary slips
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months

5. What are the perks that I am eligible for?

Please refer to JD ( job description document ).