Longtail boat in Thailand

Gavin Bosser

Unit Head, Hyderabad

Gavin has served in various managerial positions during his 21 years in the healthcare service industry, ranging from Production-Quality Coordinator, Quality Analyst, Team Lead, Production Manager, Vendor, and Global Workflow Manager before joining ScribeEMR. He is creative and innovative with very good mentoring and coaching skills.

Changing along with the world, he switched from transcription to scribing, and with sufficient exposure, he joined ScribeEMR in 2019. Being a person who provides guidance, instruction, direction, and leadership for the purpose of achieving key results or group of aligned results with quantitative and qualitative achievements he had grown from a Super Medical Scribe to Executive Medical Scribe to Lead Scribe and eventually to Business Unit Head leading the Coimbatore Office since August 2021 aligning his strategies with organizational goals.

Gavin received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Madras. He is also certified in Six Sigma from Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, and a certified soft skills trainer from Groom-X Knowledge Works.