Longtail boat in Thailand

Shaik Umera Ahamadi

Head - Bangalore, Unit 1

Umera has almost 14 years of experience in her professional career, with 6+ years in the scribing industry. Throughout her professional journey, she has continually strived to pursue excellence and make a meaningful impact in the fields she has worked in. With a solid educational foundation and a passion for continuous learning, she has honed her skills in educational and research work and gained valuable hands-on experience in various roles as a teacher, lecturer, and research fellow. Umera joined our team in 2017 and, within a short span, got the opportunity to become a lead scribe and handled her team independently. She was promoted to Unit Head of BLR location in April 2022. All this happened due to her sheer passion for her work and ambition to establish a stable career in the medical scribe industry.
Moreover, she has had the privilege of working with diverse teams and collaborating on various projects. These experiences have not only enhanced her adaptability but have also nurtured her interpersonal and communication skills. As a professional, she is driven by a deep sense of purpose and strives to make a positive impact on the organizations she works with.
Umera received her Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Madras University. She is a recipient of Summer Fellowship from Indian Academy of Sciences. She is linguaphile and is currently learning Spanish and French.