Longtail boat in Thailand

Anu TR

Head - Bangalore, Unit 3

31-July-1980, a Thursday morning at 2:30 a.m. born as the elder son of an orthodox Kerala family. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ernakulam was where gained my basic knowledge and skills.

I graduated in Industrial Chemistry from Kerala University a traditional education that hadn’t set me up with the skills needed to succeed in the environment of constant change.

I love to solve problems. I love the challenges of finding a way and discovering solutions. As long as there is a problem to solve or a challenge to puzzle over, is something I love.

I started exploring career growth in 2005 in Medical Transcription. After long years in various roles, in 2017 switched to Medical Scribing.

It was then in 2018 June, joined ScribeEMR as a Senior Medical Scribe. Quickly explored various roles including grooming and training. Lead Scribe was the challenging role that groomed me to take up the role as Head of Unit 3, Bangalore. The new role is a “search bar” for others and an ambassador to show how fast you can grow with a stable vision.